Tribute to Longtime Faculty and Staff

February 5, 2019
For alumni and alumni parents, and all faculty and staff

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October 25 | "Happy Birthday Grace" All School Chapel

October 24 Party at The Shed

October 25 "Birthday Party"

125th Tribute to Longtime Faculty & Staff

125 Year Time Capsule & Design Contest

Earlier this year, Mr. Davison announced the creation of a new time capsule to be opened by Grace students in 2144. The capsule will house the nearly-1,000 submissions from students in every grade who responded to the question, "What makes this school so good?" Mr. Davison challenged students to design a time capsule that would not only be strong enough to withstand the ravages of time but also easily accessible to the future Grace community. Fourth graders Oscar K. and Sanders B. were selected for their design, which will see fourth graders create a new sculpture each year for 125 years, incorporating every submission in an ongoing, sustainable process.

From the winning proposal:
The idea is to create a sculpture that is not permanent (made out of paper or clay) which is big enough to hold all of the words submitted by the Grace community. At the end of the school year, the boys, will teach one student or an entire class of the incoming Grade 4 how to build the sculpture. Once the new sculpture is built the old one will be destroyed. In that way, the time capsule is a permanent process rather than a thing that can get lost or destroyed and is being passed on from fourth grade to fourth grade for 125 years. 

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