Excellent teaching is now and has always been at the heart of a Grace education. From Aurand Harris to Gwen Chaloner to Meg Duchovny, Rod Keating and Elizabeth Abrams and many more--a long line of beloved teachers have inspired generations of students. Their impact is lasting, as these alums attest.
“Grace was an extraordinary education. It was a place where I was able to learn and grow comfortably among friends and with supportive and brilliant faculty. I had better qualified, brighter teachers at Grace than I did at any point until graduate school. The number of extremely good, extremely caring, extremely engaged teachers was remarkable.” 
- Patrick McElhone ‘95
“Rod Keating was, hands down, one of the best teachers I ever had. He's the reason I majored in Creative Writing in college.”
- Annalise Lockhart ‘06
"Grace Church School was the best school I ever attended. I have vivid memories of all my teachers and many of my classmates. Though I'm Jewish, not Episcopalian, I felt completely at home. The faculty and student body was diverse, the atmosphere was welcoming and the academic climate was vibrant and questioning."
- David Brooks '75

“Schools and teachers really shape you. I wasn’t aware of it then, but looking back it’s true.”
- Vivian Rosenthal ‘90
"Looking back at all this, to all the decisions made and not made, to all the right turns and wrong ones, I think of Grace-of Mr. Grant, of various teachers (Miss Brown, Mr. Harris, Mr. Ham, Mr. Jones), of the daily chantry services, of the May Fair-as more than just the favorite school I attended. Grace gave me a model of what a community ought to be, how it can sustain you. It showed me how in becoming part of something larger than yourself you can become larger yourself. I sometimes think that I've tried to reproduce that experience every place I've been since."
Kit Rachlis ’64
“Ms. Abrams had such joy with music and singing, and was generous with us and excited about what we had to bring and our artistry. She had a lot of different kinds of music for us to explore.”
- Rebecca Naomi Jones ‘95

“I owe this love of experiencing and making music to my time at GCS, and regardless of where I am professionally or with whom I’m sharing this love, I know I can trace it back to my years at Grace.”
- Alex Ambrose ’94
“I loved every minute at Grace Church School. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, but I can remember every teacher I had at Grace.”
Susan Strauss Hurwitz ‘67
“Teachers at Grace were kind and sweet and really supportive. I remember that even when you were not adept at something, they wouldn’t let you believe it. I love GCS!”  
- Katie Orlinsky ‘97

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